Diabetes - The Silent Killer

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Current Diabetes Information You Need… At Your Fingertips

In every field of medicine, diabetes is a huge challenge.  And the incidence is growing every day… at an alarming rate.

At least one in four primary care office visits now involve diabetes.  Up to half the beds in many hospitals are now filled by people with diabetes.

Similarly daunting statistics apply to home health, case management, pharmacy, podiatry, cardiology, dietetics, and many other fields.

This epidemic in the prevalence of diabetes presents a particularly difficult challenge to the non-specialist.

Do you have the latest facts?  Probably not!  Why?

Because there is a laundry list of ever-changing conditions… just ask yourself:

  • How can you be absolutely sure that you’re working with
    the latest recommendations and guidelines for diabetes?
  • What ARE those five new drugs released in the last 2 years?
  • Which agents can be safely combined?
  • What ARE the goals for blood glucose in a diabetic pregnancy?
  • How IS diabetes diagnosed these days?

So, how do you keep up?

With the DiabetesDek® Professional Edition.  It has been assembled by leading medical experts and recently updated. Now you too can have current detailed information about the key issues and guidelines in diabetes care.

DiabetesDek Professional® is an easy-to-understand, pocket-sized reference tool for medical professionals and educators working with diabetes patients.

“I am certain that each and every one of the students will benefit from this small yet comprehensive mini-encyclopedia on diabetes.”

DiabetesDek® Professional covers the complete spectrum of health care issues of professionals who care for people with diabetes.

Slightly larger than a standard deck of playing cards… it fits easily into your pocket and is a ready reference to the myriad of details you often need on the spur of the moment.  It’s so small that you could keep one in every exam room.

Perfect for diabetes educators, as well.

Learn How To Take Control Of Your Diabetes And Feel Good Today!

In some ways, having diabetes is like being dealt a bad hand of cards.  After all… no one chooses to have diabetes.

Unfortunately, however, that can’t be changed.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t need four aces to win at poker.  And strategy and skill can turn a losing hand into a winner.

That’s true in diabetes… just as it is in poker.

You need rock solid information to play the “diabetes hand” to win.

But where to find it?

This information can be found in a lot of places.  In fact, it’s literally everywhere… in countless books, brochures, journals, magazines and on thousands of websites all across the Internet.

And that’s the problem…

“Today more and more patients are opting for home care and searching for alternative sources of information about how to best care for themselves.  But in this information age, they often find conflicting messages and can get lost in the information overload.” – NCE


These resources are often:

  • Too general.  Not enough substance to be of any use.
  • Too specific.  Great for researchers… not for diabetics.
  • Too old.  Impossible to win with outdated information.
  • Too confusing.  Not written for the average person.
  • Too unusable.  It only has value if you are able to apply it.

OK.  So, how do I win the “diabetes hand”?

It’s easy. All you need is:

The DiabetesDek®

Our comprehensive DiabetesDek® covers it all… everything you need to know to feel good and live a healthy life.

  • Nutrition basics for diabetes control.  What you must know.
  • How to use blood glucose information to manage diabetes.
  • How to prevent embarrassing mood swings.
  • How to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  • When a snack may actually save your life.
  • Balancing insulin and blood sugar levels to feel your best.
  • The latest drugs.  What they are and how to take them.
  • How to avoid the dangerous complications of diabetes.

And much, much more…

The DiabetesDek® puts the latest facts about diabetes right in the palm of your hands. Our team of medical experts has made sure that it’s the most useful, easily understood and up-to-date guide for helping you to control and mange your diabetes on a day-to-day basis.

This handy, pocket-size guide contains over 50 dual-sided cards and is a ready reference to the vital information you often need on moment’s notice.

Make the DiabetesDek® part of your overall plan to control your diabetes. Or give this valuable gift to a friend or loved one with diabetes.

With the right information… diabetes can be controlled and self-managed.