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Is Snoring is Connected to Diabetes?

Snoring alone is not just the warning sign of diabetes, but many other combined indicators. Snoring heavily cannot provide a good quality of sleep and you can be at a higher risk of high sugar levels. It can be a risk factor in development of diabetes. That is why there could be a link between snoring and diabetes, because of the quality of sleep that a person is getting when snoring during their sleep.

When you have diabetes and snore, you must tell your doctor because it can develop into some serious problems. This is possibly due to weight that you are gaining and the symptoms of diabetes. It is important for a diabetic person to sleep well so it can help to control their blood sugar. Without better sleep you will feel tired and worsen your diabetes.

When a person snores while sleeping, there is interruption in their breathing. Snoring can lead to sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder. The cause of snoring could be because of being overweight, and if a person has diabetes, this can be a serious disorder that must be taken into account. There will be a test that will be done, treatment, and other advice provided to reduce snoring that can cause development of the diabetes.

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When there is lack of sleep, it can cause metabolic disturbances which can result in not only diabetes, but other health problems as well. Diabetes is a serious matter and because lack of sleep, sleep apnea, or snoring, the metabolism will change. Aside from those issues, insulin resistance and fat storage will lead to gaining weight due to changes in metabolism. A good night’s sleep is the best prescription that will not ever change. It will be always a good treatment when it comes to lack of sleep, snoring or the sleep apnea. When you often have problems in sleeping it can seriously lead to other health concerns. Snoring and diabetes link to each other because of how a snoring person is dealing with this kind of pattern and how this can result to diabetes.

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes and your partner or your family member is complaining about you snoring, you can tell your doctor. It is better for them to know the things happening to you so they can provide extensive treatment and other advice that you should do. It could help you to prevent snoring or it can help you in reducing it to get a better quality of sleep. This would also help you control your diabetes because the quality sleep you have can make you feel better and energized. Your metabolism would be better as well and help you control your diet too.

Diabetes Health

How Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

Stress can really bring a lot of danger to a person if it will not be handled in positive ways. HarmonyA person can feel stress if the body becomes aware about any threats or
concerns in their life. It is either you fight the stress or get under it. Having diabetes is one of the great dangers that you will handle when stressed out. Having both of them is never that easy to handle, but you can absolutely do it by just knowing first things first.

Know that handling diabetes is a continuous process. It is an ongoing challenge that can be complicated when impacted by stress. Excessive stress can be a major obstacle to efficient glucose control, and also a greater danger to a person’s overall health..

But how can stress be harmful? Excessive stress can incite strong negative emotions, impair sound thinking or decision making, and even cause poor eating. When a diabetic experiences this it could be harmful to their health and can cause problems in glucose control. Stress even if you have no diabetes can be harmful to your body. As an example, the heart beats or works faster in preparation of physical action. Increasing blood pressure can cause strain on veins, arteries and the heart itself.

Aside from the diabetes, there are other negative impacts that prolonged stress can do to your body. It affects your immune system, digestive system, kidney, and reproductive as well. The ability where you can think clearly or make good decisions can be impaired when your mind is full of worry, fear and anxiety. Continuous mental strain may lead to depression.

MindfulTo be open-minded about this kind of condition can help you fight stress for your diabetes. Here are some symptoms to know if you need to fight stress: you are stressed if you have not enough sleep, if you sleep too much, there is a change in appetite, trouble with concentration, headaches, feeling depressed and irritability.

So how can a diabetic person or other people without diabetes fight stress? Most people are experiencing the symptoms of stress at anytime, and the good thing is there are now many strategies or skills to keep stress at minimum. The most powerful strategy is being aware and mindful. Being mindful can make you aware of  the possible decisions or choices that you must do in most situations.

Handling your stress is necessary in diabetes management. This can help the whole family to live normally because of how you handle stress with diabetes. Being open and aware of how to successfully handle stress can make you successfully handle diabetes as well. This is going to give your family the confidence that everything will be in the right place due to good diabetes management with a minimum stress.

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The Top 5 Foods that Can Aid Diabetes

There are foods that are high in blood sugar and are not recommended to any persons who have diabetes. It is very important for those diabetics to eat a balanced and healthy diet for maintaining blood sugar levels. But then the healthy foods you will take are only for controlling your blood sugar and are not going to heal your diabetes. Aside from the food that a diabetic person will eat, they also need exercise that can help control their diabetes. Here are the top 5 food suggestions that a diabetic person can take.


Porridge is high in soluble fiber and would not raise the blood sugar that quickly. This is a good carbohydrate that can work better to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This can also help out weight loss as the soluble fiber that is in oats will help you to keep fuller longer.

Broccoli, Green Beans and Spinach

These vegetables are non-starchy and also high in fiber. These vegetables have low carbohydrates, which is ideal for people who are diabetic. Other starchy vegetables like peas, broad beans, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and corn add nutrients but are high in carbohydrates. To maintain balance on the diet, it is important to follow the proper portion sizes.


strawberry-837335_1920Some diabetic persons think that eating strawberries can harm their diabetes because of its sweetness. However, eating strawberries would not raise blood sugar that much. They are a better choice than eating biscuits or other sweets. Strawberries are low in carbohydrates and calories while high in water and fiber. A diabetic person can feel full on this and can stay away from carbohydrates.


This spice has many factors that can help the diabetes. This contains curcumin, which acts directly on the fat cells, kidney, pancreatic cells, and muscle cells. This also has the power to reverse the insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and symptoms to obesity.

Lean Meats and Salmon

salmon-1025193_1920Meats are high in proteins and will not affect the blood sugar that much unlike carbohydrates. When meats are eaten in the proper portion sizes, they can become a healthy good choice for diabetics. You can serve a diabetic person with a proper portion size of fish, a skinless breast of chicken, and other lean cut of meats. Salmon is a very good option due to its heart healthy nutrients. Meat is rich source of chromium. This is a mineral that will help enable insulin in functioning properly. This can also help the body in metabolizing the carbohydrates.

These are the top 5 foods that can aid diabetes. There are many other foods that a diabetic person can include on their diet. Make sure to consult the doctor for any other concerns about diabetes

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Things that a Diabetic Woman Needs to Know Before Pregnancy

A woman who has diabetes needs to know any conditions that may happen when she gets pregnant. With the new additions that will be on a woman’s body, pregnancy will affect her blood sugar level and her diabetes medications. So if a woman is thinking to get pregnant, she needs to know the steps to reduce her risks of having a baby at risk. She needs to get ready on how to be prepared and also the consequences that may happen during and after pregnancy.

Meeting their doctor can help them find out if their diabetes is controlled enough to stop their birth control procedure. A glycosylated hemoglobin blood test can confirm how well it is been going for the past eight to twelve weeks. There are other medical tests that can help avoid complications while pregnant. There is urinalysis for problems in the kidney, triglyceride blood and cholesterol tests, eye exams, electrocardiograms, foot exams and blood work to see if the liver and kidneys are fully functional.

High blood sugar can affect pregnancy during the period before thirteen weeks, and may cause birth deficiency. This may also increase a woman’s risks of diabetes complications and miscarriage. However, women are not aware they are pregnant until their baby is growing in their womb for two to four weeks. So it is recommended to have blood sugar control before trying to conceive a baby.

When pregnant women with diabetes deliver, their babies are frequently bigger. This condition is called macrosomia. The baby that has a mother with high blood sugar levels get a big amount of sugar through the placenta. The pancreas of the baby senses it which can make more insulin and use it up. The extra sugar is converted to fats and makes a large baby. Hospitals are keeping an eye on the babies that have mothers with diabetes for several hours right after birth. When a pregnant woman has high blood sugar levels, the babies can have low blood sugar when they are born.

The insulin that the baby has was from the mother’s high blood sugar, so when it is taken away, the blood sugar will drop quickly and the baby needs glucose that can balance it out. Magnesium and calcium levels might be low or off too, but through medication it can going to be fixed. Doctors will be monitoring the size of the baby so they can tell the safest way that a mother can give birth.

Being pregnant while having diabetes is complicated. There are many tests and  monitoring that needs to be done so the expectant mother can have a healthier delivery of the baby. Though diabetes can affect the pregnancy, there are still many ways that an expectant mother can conceive and deliver a baby. Doctors will support the pregnant woman and provide the medication and advice that they need. All will be well if the woman will follow the doctor’s advice.

Diabetes Tech

Top 5 SmartPhone Apps for Diabetes Users

Ever since smart phones have been improved, and applications have been added for more interactive experience, there are also applications for diabetes that have been created. This is to quickly learn more about a diabetic person’s status on their diabetes.

 Diabetes Pilot

This app for diabetes is created for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It has the features of being straightforward and versatile. It also features data for medications, blood sugar measurements data, and it records the meals and the exercises that have been done. You can also track the blood power, lab results and incorporate a meals database that is very helpful. This app helps calculate the insulin dosages and creates a targeted review for a diabetic person to display their growth. This is an awesome app that a diabetic person must try.


Lose It

This is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod and mostly being used to lose weight. This app will help the diabetic person to handle weight management as part of their control for diabetes. Lose It has a feature that you can set a food and exercise budget to help you in your every day activities. The other features are the meal and action database, setting up recipes, observing vitamins, and earning badges that are recognizing your successes. You may also share on twitter or FB your daily results about your exercises, meals and others. This is a perfect app for weight reduction.


My Fitness Pal

This app is great for all smartphones or all devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Android, and also Windows. This app has a feature that keeps a database with all of the most important possible meals that no other app can do. It also tracks all nutrients like energy, protein, fat, fiber and many others. It has a recipe calculator and 350 exercises that can make you sweat more. It has customized objectives to assist you to get desired outcomes and unique stories to continuously observe your progress. It also has social network sharing and an online community to support many dieters with diabetes.


OnTrack Diabetes

This app is great for android devices. The app has 3 features: a log and the graph of blood sugar levels, meals consumption, weight, exercise, body fat, blood power, pulse and medications. With this app, you can make personal notes to be shared with your doctor or other medical experts. It has a non-public reminder or alarm for medicines, meals, exercises, and so on. This app can be great for the tracking of every important detail regarding the activity of a person with diabetes. As a free app to android devices, there is no excuse in tracking your history.

OnTrack Diabetes


This app is good for Apple devices. It is a new one from Merek, a drug firm. The app features tracking the following: exercise, glucose, weight, meals, blood power, medicine or drug logs, a meal database including restaurant foods, different articles and tips in helping a diabetic to better manage their diabetes. This also has an ability to send the recorded knowledge through email. This is a great new app that you may consider using in tracking diabetes because of its simplicity and the features that it has. This is one of the five best tracking apps you should not miss.

Every diabetes phone app has their own features and it will be your best judgments on what to choose among the five.