Diabetes Myths

Diabetes wouldn’t exist in a perfect world.  Or if it did, you could live with it “perfectly”.
But diabetes happens to real people in the real world.  And the results are seldom perfect.  In fact, most people who have diabetes struggle with it, at least at times.  After all, until recently, we didn’t know very much about it.  And our tools to manage it were not very good.

Now both our understanding and tools are much better.  Even so, some folks still have quite a hard time with their diabetes.  There are many possible reasons for this.  But part of the problem may be a belief in certain old myths and misconceptions about diabetes.

Are These True… Or Just diabetes myths?
People with diabetes can’t eat sugar.
Taking insulin means I’ve failed.
My blood sugars would be perfect if I were a better diabetic.
I have to get to “normal weight” to control my diabetes.
Only people with “bad Diabetes” need to test their blood sugar.
As long as I feel OK, my blood sugar doesn’t matter.
Taking more pills is a sign my Diabetes is worse.

The dictionary says a myth is a “false belief,” or an “imaginary story”.  Myths most often grow up around things that are important.  Or around things that are hard to understand. Well… diabetes certainly qualifies on both counts!

If some of what you believe about your Diabetes isn’t true, it can cause you to make poor decisions.  Or you may be working harder than necessary because you don’t know all your options.

If you’re one of those people still struggling with your Diabetes… then you need our newest Dek titled: Diabetes Myths.

Diabetes Myths can help you find and dispel any diabetes myths that are complicating your life.

Written by medical experts and Diabetes educators… Diabetes Myths is easy to read and the perfect companion to the Diabetes Dek.  It can help you debunk any myths that are inhibiting your understanding of Diabetes… and help separate the facts from the fiction.

Topics covered include:

  • Myths About Diagnosis
  • Myths About Feelings
  • Myths About Sick Days
  • Myths About Food
  • Myths About Insulin
  • Myths About Monitoring
  • Myths About Complications
  • Myths About High & Low Blood Sugars

And much, much more…

Discover the truth… as our noted experts breakdown and explain each myth and then give you the straight facts on the subject.  Complete with supporting illustrations… Diabetes Myths is a must read for anyone who wants to effectively manage and control their Diabetes.